Adventures in the Hedge!

Wait, *what* did I just trade away?

More details later! Until then…

August 25th, 2009

The motley spoke with Grace and told her about the creatures. She put together a hunt for them, but told the group to get some rest.

The next day, the news reported that a lot of dogs, cats, and one homeless man were killed in the neighborhood of the cat, apparently savaged by some sort of wild animal, perhaps a cougar.

Grace told them they cornered one of the monsters, but it got away. Every time they hit it, a smoke-like-substance came off of it and it got smaller. The Courts were going to keep watch on the crack all day, and get a group together that night in case the monsters came back. They weren’t putting glamour in to the crack that night, but perhaps in the future. Nothing happened all day or that night.

The next day, the motley decided to go the Goblin Market and try to find some sort of cage or trap that could hold the monster(s). They got directions and borrowed a token from Emily, then headed in to the Hedge. Once inside, they discovered some strange, creepy dolls in dresses made of snowflakes were twisted in to the hedge – hundreds of them. Charlotte, Sour Gherkin, and Amaryllis all took one. They made it to the Goblin Market, traded for the cage, then traded memories for information on things they were looking for.

Sour Gherkin – traded ? for info on El Gallo – told to look in Chicago first. The hobgoblin had a very hard time finding this info out.

Charlotte – traded memory of her favorite food for info on the Wizened boy – told he was under the name Sam Quince.

Surat – traded ? for info on Robert Bobson, a missing member of the Freehold, former leader of the Troubleshooters – told that he was near the Frozen Palace.

They got back, and had dinner with Jonas, which had been scheduled for a while. He was trying to convince them to join the Autumn Court, essentially, but only Charlotte joined. They told him about the dolls, and he said he’d look in to it. He also told them more about the Freehold, including that there used to be another freehold, ruled strongly by a Winter King, but the whole Freehold disappeared in the 1920’s. Frozen Palace was supposedly the Winter King’s Hollow.



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