Freaky... Tuesday?

Huh, didn't see *that* coming...

August 23rd, 2009

The members of the motley have settled down in to their jobs and new lives a bit. They all meet often at Classic, talking with each other and being flirted with by Topaz.

While there, Charlotte overheard a strange conversation – one businessman was worried about one of his coworkers, the man who’s shared his office for two years. Apparently this man, James, came back from lunch and didn’t remember the man’s name or recognize his own girlfriend, Jane.

This sounded fishy enough that Charlotte told the group and Topaz. They quickly had the thought that this sounded like a possible fetch. Topaz suggested that they look in to it – possible fetches are often a good thing for a new motley to investigate.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of ways to figure out if someone’s a fetch. They may possibly look strange, or not bleed like a normal human, or possibly not have correct emotional reactions. If the person ends up being a possible (or certain) fetch, the Freehold will watch them for a while and the motley’s job will be done.

But first they needed the man’s name. First, Charlotte got the business card of one of the men at the table and found they worked for Eagle Ltd., a software company. Sour Gherkin managed to lift the concerned man’s phone while Topaz distracted them. He left some olives and a note reading ‘phone’ and ‘ring ring’ in its place.

Looking through the phone, they found James’ cell phone number. They then gave the cell phone to the bartender to eventually give back to the guy, though Sour Gherkin renamed all his contacts first.

From there, they went up to Charlotte’s apartment above the bar and researched the company. They found a company personal page, and found several James. Then they found the name of the man with a phone, and found any James who worked with him – there was only one, James Finlay. They managed to get James’ address and headed to his apartment.

After a bit of looking around, Johnny and Surat buzzed his apartment and pretended to be police officers. Going up to his apartment, they told him that a woman named Jane (they didn’t know her last name, but neither apparently did James) had been in a car accident and killed, and he was her first point of contact. James seemed to not know who they were talking about at first, and seemed pretty upset and scared.

Charlotte used a contract on him to find out his greatest fear – currently, it was that the cops knew his secret and were going to bring him to jail, in which case he’d never get back to normal.

The ‘police’ convinced him to let them into his apartment, where he made a phone call from his bedroom. Spying a phone in the kitchen, Johnny picked up the phone and listened in.

James called a number and asked to speak to Cynthia, and was told it was too late to do so. However, after some talking on the other end, the mysterious, young-sounding Cynthia got on. Their conversation was short – James asking what to do about cops in his apartment, and telling her that they said that Jane was dead. Cynthia gasped at that, and then said, ‘Just stay calm – we’ll tell James tomorrow.’ James seemed to accept that – despite her using his own name – and came back out to talk to the ‘police’.

Wondering if maybe this was a regular, mundane kidnapping or something, the group decided to ask for advice from Topaz. She in turn directed them to Grace, the current ruler. They were asked to meet at The Center.

There, they explained what they heard. Grace said that the Troubleshooters, the primary go-to motley, were currently out of town. If the player motley wanted to investigate further, they could, but she couldn’t take it off their hands yet. She offered back up if needed in the form of her or Obsidian.

The player characters then split off to sleep – the majority of people to Charlotte’s apartment, only 15 minutes away from James’, but Amarillis went home and Sour Gherkin never left from outside James’ place. Topaz actually joined the group at Charlotte’s, and while they were alone, she and Johnny had a strange conversation where he managed to imply he’d be interested in sleeping with her some time in the future, but not now. Slightly surprised, Topaz currently backed off – though heavily implied she’d be thrilled to sleep with Surat.

After Sour Gherkin got Johnny to relieve him at about 4AM, nothing much happened until 7:30 AM, when there was movement in James’ apartment. A bit later, his car pulled out of his garage – but he was driving very poorly, obviously unused to a stick shift. The group followed him in two cars.

He eventually pulled up and parked on a street near downtown North Haven, not far from the University. Surat and Amarillis went to feed birds near the car, while Johnny, Charlotte, and a sleepy Sour Gherkin pulled a bit farther ahead and parked.

After about 5 minutes, a petite teenager walked up to his car, wearing a bookbag, and got in. When Surat gave James bad luck, the car stalled out in the middle of the street, and Amarillis went forward to ‘help’. She pretended to know James and Jane, and asked a few questions – both people seemed nervous and uncomfortable, and the girl was fairly forward. They soon took off, the girl driving, with Johnny following.

They stopped in front of a house in the slightly less nice area of town. The lawn was a bit shaggy and there were a couple of kids bikes in the front yard. The two of them entered the house with no hesitation. Johnny and Charlotte crept close to the house to see if they could get in or at least eavesdrop, while Amarillis went to talk to the neighbor’s dog and Sour Gherkin called Grace for possible backup.

Johnny eased the unlocked front door open enough to hear a third voice joining the two they already knew – an older woman’s voice, sounding upset and panicked about Jane’s ‘death’, wanting to know more details. Meanwhile, Amarillis found out that the house had been lived in for a while, and no one really knew had moved in, though there were visitors. There weren’t, however, any burglars or the like going in. Unfortunately, by asking about burglars, the dog she was speaking to started barking loudly.

Johnny tried to scramble back away from the front door as he heard footsteps heading towards it, but couldn’t get away. The teenager demanded to know what he was doing there, James standing a little bit behind – and then he recognized the ‘police officer’ from last night. Johnny went on the offensive, accusing James of not actually being James, which ‘James’ lied poorly about and claimed he was. The girl eventually invited Johnny (and Surat, who’d moved up at that point) into the house, where they saw a third person, this one a middle-aged woman who looked like she was about to start crying. She demanded to know if Jane was all right – at which point, they asked if _she _was James.

And then the three of them introduced themselves, and the truth came out. The girl gave her name as Bea – and then said her body was Cynthia’s, who was currently in James’ body, who was in Bea’s. They’d been in the same general area two days before, around noon, and then suddenly they were in each others bodies. And they didn’t know what to do, and they were scared. During this entire conversation, Surat had a way to tell whether or not they were lying, and they were telling the truth the entire time.

At this point, the others slowly joined in the conversation. Amarillis told them she’d do what she could to help, and mentioned that they had connections that might help. Charlotte called Grace, who told them that since it didn’t seem connected to the True Fae or Arcadia, she didn’t want to bring the Freehold in to it, so they could help if they wanted – but without official support. The group argued a bit about whether or not to help, then took their leave of the body switched group to argue some more.

In the end, they decided they’d do something to help. Johnny wanted to talk to Emily about Goblin Markets, because Sour Gherkin thought that might be a good place to find some way to switch them back. There’s no set plan yet, though, and things may change.



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