Well, That Didn't Go Very Well

A night of awkward

August 24th, 2009

More details later! But for now…

The evening started with the most awkward dinner ever, at Emily’s place. The motley learned a bit more about the Freehold, managed to imply Emily was sleeping with her adopted daughter, and told her flat out it was awkward. Fun times!

Next, they gathered three dogs to take to the crack, and Amaryllis also found a huge black dog that was a bit strange and more intelligent than the others. They went to the crack and three small evil things came out, about the size of a cat. They were vicious, and the group managed to wound two of them, but were forced to retreat after. One of the dogs was killed, the rest either went with the group or ran away. The creepy little things whispered “You’ll never get away” and “Come back”, which makes the motley think they’re connected to the Keepers somehow.

They got patched up at a doctor’s private house (Emily sent them there) and Johnny and Amaryllis had a huge fight in the kitchen. They both stormed out. Amaryllis slept the night at Topaz’s place, and sent an apology bottle of alcohol to Johnny the next day.



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