First Knight of Autumn


Averna is incredibly tall, towering over everyone else at the Freehold. She has pale skin, white hair, and pure black eyes. She’s creepy.

Image borrowed from Jason Chan on his website. (I kept her name from there, too, since it fit her so well).


Averna is the most organized person in the Freehold – she has to be, since she’s in charge of gently directing Jonas around.

She’s fantastic at calling up fear in mortals – and in other changelings, for that matter. She’s responsible for keeping track of all the important research done by any of the Courts, and she’s never seen without her small smart phone. (Truthfully, watching her pick out words with her very long fingers is strange and almost funny).

Mundane Name: Ava Jones

Motley: None, previously part of the Troubleshooters

Court: Autumn

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Palewraith


Shattered Kiena