A Courtless Hacker


Debra is a compact woman with pale skin and white hair. Her ears are faintly pointed. She’s in a wheelchair, and usually wears long skirts to cover her legs. She often has a scowl or a bored expression on her face. Debra also smokes like a chimney.

Image borrowed from Asuka111 on DeviantArt. It doesn’t fit Debra exactly, so imagine her with a slight blue tint to her skin and green eyes.


Debra doesn’t talk about her disability. Ever. Nor does she talk about her family, or her fetch, or what she did before she escaped Arcadia. In fact, pretty much the only thing she talks about is her job for the Freehold – forgery of any kind, but mainly identification, and some minor hacking.

She’s also well-known for refusing to join any Court. Some of the other changelings talk about her in admiration, others in disdain, for her resistance to the pressures of the Freehold as a whole. Despite her courtless status, though, she’s still a member in good standing with the Freehold – something all four rulers tell their Courts.

She has more rumors about her than pretty much any other non-ruler of the Freehold, except maybe Topaz. Claims she’s a loyalist or not even a changeling at all are usually shot down quickly, but others have a stronger hold on the imagination of the Freehold.

Mundane Name: Debra ?

Motley: None

Court: None

Seeming: ?

Kith: ?


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