A Friendly Hedgewalker of the Spring Court


Emily Wright is a large, stocky, black woman with obvious fangs and thick, curly hair that often has leaves and small flowers growing out of it.

Image borrowed from hisakatagirl on DeviantArt. (Pretend she has fangs, ’kay? And is a bit larger).


Emily is a Farwalker Ogre, and quite proud of this fact. She dares anyone who thinks all Ogres are stupid to talk to her about biology or botany – the two subjects she teaches at the local North Haven Central High School.

She’s also the unofficial leader of the Hedgewalkers, and is usually the first person who’s called in when something strange is found by another Hedgewalker. The entire Freehold pretty much goes to her when they want to plan where to set up their Hollow.

Emily is also the leader of the small Central Motley, consisting of only three people who are all connected to the high school she works at.

Mundane Name: Emily Wright

Motley: Central

Court: Spring

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Farwalker


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