Queen of the Summer Court


Grace is very beautiful but often downplays it, rarely dressing in flattering clothes, instead going for things more practical.

Image borrowed from Jezebel on Deviant Art.


Grace is the Summer Queen of the North Haven freehold. Though obviously a Fairest, it’s hard to determine her kith. She’s aggressive and practical, and the most pro-active of the rulers. She talks with her hands a lot, and is very forceful.

Grace is the ruler in charge of the Hedgewalkers, the volunteer changelings that patrol the Hedge around North Haven. She also sets up training for anyone wanting to become better at fighting, matching up teachers and students and contacting mortals for any specialized training needed.

She’s almost always shadowed by her knight, Obsidian.

Mundane Name: Grace Shettley

Motley: None

Court: Summer

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: ?


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