King of the Autumn Court


Jonas, the Autumn king, is very young-looking, despite that he’s been ruling for over 50 years. He moves with surprising grace and is generally ready with a smile.

Picture borrowed from Janaschi on Deviantart.


Jonas tends to sit back and watch what others do before stepping in to give directions or orders. He’s very patient and almost never raises his voice. He spends a large amount of time in the Hedge, and is very dedicated to trying to map out the local area.

Most people are surprised when they see him inspire fear in others – he does so subtly, calling out the personal fears based on doubts inside a person, instead of with shock tactics. He seems to rarely do this to harvest glamour – instead, he’s usually seen doing this as a subtle way to punish someone he believes has threatened his court or his freehold.

Mundane Name: Jonas Smith

Motley: None

Court: Autumn

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: ?


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