First Knight of the Summer Court


Obsidian is a foreboding woman. Despite being of average height, she comes across as taller – probably because of her threatening air. She has dark skin and is completely bald – no one is brave enough to ask if that’s natural or affected. She’s missing one eye, and her remaining one is a milky white.

She wears business suits that scream ‘bodyguard’ to anyone who’s used to such people.

Obsidian rarely speaks, and when she does, it’s to the point.

Image borrowed from Edana on Deviant Art.


Obsidian is the First Knight of the Summer Court, and is fiercely loyal to Grace. She’s pretty clearly an Ogre Cyclops, and is never seen without some sort of weapon at hand – often melee, but sometimes she’ll have a gun or even bow at her side. When spending a lot of time with mortals, she’ll usually hide the weapon under her suit jacket, but she wears the weapons openly inside changeling society.

She never participates in Summer Court tournaments – and is the only Summer Court member who does not.


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