An Oneiromancer of the Autumn Court


Sky, a Fairest Draconic, is the premier oneiromancer of the Freehold – and quite possibly the entire Midwest. The scars across her eyes have been there for as long as anyone has known her, and some think the reason she likes dreams so much is because it’s the only place she can see.

Artwork borrowed from OchreJelly on DeviantArt


Sky is a Second Knight, in charge of dreams.

Sky is the best dream-walker in the Freehold, and any time there is a problem with dreams, she is the first one people turn to. She has personally driven off a True Fae that was poisoning the dreams of a mortal, and is a local hero for doing so.

She hates anyone pitying her and her blindness, and will snap at anyone who tries. She’s a member (some say leader, though not where Rheo can hear) of the Troubleshooters – the motley the rulers of the Freehold ask for whenever something is wrong.

Mundane Name: Sky Monroe

Motley: Troubleshooters

Court: Autumn

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Draconic


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