Lady Sonja

Queen of the Winter Court


Lady Sonja is, frankly, a bit creepy looking. Everything about her is washed out and a bit dead-looking. She plays up her strange coloring by wearing black and her stare can unnerve hardened fighters.

Image borrowed from Omri on DeviantArt.


Lady Sonja, a Darkling, is the Court ruler of Winter. She’s always called by her title and name, except by the other three rulers of the Courts, and then only rarely. She’s brusque and doesn’t enjoy explaining herself, and is viewed as keeping secrets just for the sake of having secrets.

Lady Sonja is the ruler in charge of financial concerns, and ‘officially’ runs the bar that provides money (and a minor source of glamour) for the Freehold. She’s also in charge of the financial work of The Center, making sure there’s always enough money to pay for what’s necessary there. Secretly, she’s in charge of several other businesses that bring money in to the Freehold.

Mundane Name: Sonja Walker

Motley: None

Court: Winter

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: ?

Lady Sonja

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