A Doll-like Teenager


Trinket is very doll-like – she moves just a little bit strangely, her skin is just a little bit too smooth and pale, her hair is too shiny, and her eyes are just a little bit too bright and clear.

Picture borrowed from Asuka111 on DeviantArt. (I manipulated the picture a tiny bit to fit Trinket a little better).


Trinket doesn’t act like a normal teenager – not even a changeling teenager. She’s very blank and doesn’t react strongly to much of anything.

She’s part of the Central motley – those that are connected to Central High School in North Haven.

As a minor, she can’t officially do any work for the Freehold. Instead, she helps run teenage help groups at The Center and occasionally helps Emily with Hedgewalker business.

Mundane Name: Tricia Wright

Motley: Central

Court: Winter

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Manikin


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