North Haven

North Haven is a town about an hour and a half south of Chicago.

Holding about 250,000 people, the primary form of income is either from the large steel mill on the north side of the town or general agriculture – primarily beans and corn. The area in general isn’t terribly wealthy, but it’s not dirt poor, either.

There’s a large river winding through the city, and the very east side touches a small lake.

North Haven hosts the University of Illinois – North Haven. It’s best known for its agriculture and mechanical engineering departments – not surprising, given the area. There’s also Mayner Community College, a two-year institute.

The area is predominantly Protestant or Catholic, with a small Muslim community mostly on the west side. The most picturesque church is by far St. Anthony’s, a large, ornate example of Gothic architecture.

There is also the Haven Art Institute near the main street of downtown North Haven, as well a scattering of beautiful sculptures and statues around the city.

North Haven

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