This questionnaire was given to each player before gameplay started. Answers were privately given to the GM.

  1. What was your name when you were born? What name did you answer to during your Durance? What name do you prefer/would introduce yourself as (to another changeling)?

  2. What was your family life like before you were taken/growing up? (Looking for basic information here – what parents you lived with, what siblings you have, if any, married or not, children or not (and what ages), general economic status, and similar generic info).

  3. What religion were you before being taken, if any? Do you still consider yourself that religion?

  4. Who did you care about before you were taken? (Specific friends, family, romantic interests, role models/mentors)

  5. Did you ever date before you were taken? Were you involved with someone/married?

  6. What is your one goal in life? (After coming back, that is). Only an active goal, please – ‘fitting in’, for instance, isn’t really active.

  7. Are there any big secrets do you have that you desperately don’t want anyone (or almost anyone) else to know?

  8. What is your Virtue? What is your Vice?

  9. Out of character question – do you have a preference for how you want your fetch to be like? Missing, nice, evil, etc.? How strongly do you feel about that? I don’t promise to follow your preference, but I want to know. And please let me know if there’s some aspect you feel very strongly about.

  10. Out of character question – is there anything you’d be uncomfortable dealing with as a player or as a character? Both serious things – likes issues of abuse, which unfortunately come up sometimes as parts of a Durance – and less serious stuff, like you hate bargaining in character.


Shattered Kiena