The Center

The Center is the shortened name of ‘The Group Support Center’ – a not-terribly descriptive name for a location and organization that does a lot of group counseling meetings of various kinds. The building holds the local AA and similar meetings, as well as grief counseling groups, illness support groups, anger management classes, and the like.

The true purpose is a bit more sinister. The Center is a front, set up and maintained by the North Haven Freehold for the primary purpose of glamour harvesting.

The Center has three floors. The first two are mostly meeting rooms – they range in size from those that can hold upwards of 30 people to a few tiny ones that can’t comfortably hold more than five. There’s a small room that has a few cots for people who need them – changelings and mortals alike can stay there for a night or two.

On the second floor are four offices for the six professional counselors employed (half only part-time) by the Center. None of the counselors are changelings, and none of them know the real purpose behind the Center. They are used to various members of the Center ‘staff’ – actually changelings in need of a glamour boost – coming to various group sessions. One of them does know that changelings exist, however. Dr. Rob Sider does therapy for any changelings that need it.

The rest of the second floor includes a filing room, a storage room, two additional offices – one of which is Lady Sonja’s – a break room, a small room with three computers in it, available for general use, and a bathroom with a shower.

The third floor of the Center – the top floor – is kept locked the majority of the time. The only people given keys are respected members of the Freehold. This floor is mostly taken up by a large meeting room, capable of holding over a hundred people. At one end of the room sit four chairs, each in a different color of fabric, on a small raised platform that is less than a foot in height. This is where the kings and queens hold court.

There are four other rooms on the top floor, each very well sound-proofed. One is the Freehold library, while the others are for socializing and meetings. The library’s door is the primary way in and out of the Hedge for the Freehold, at least when there is official business. There is a Hedgegate key to get in and out this way.

Any changeling that wishes to use the Center for glamour feeding must have a legal identity (or a very good fake one, at least) and must sign a confidentiality agreement similar to those signed by mental-health professionals. They also agree to a group pledge held by Lady Sonja. Changelings are not required to gather Glamour from The Center – many changelings go to the hospital and speak with patients or friends and family there, especially if they want a particular emotion or don’t/can’t wait for a group meeting.

Any threats from inside the Freehold to the stability of the Center will be dealt with harshly – something that every new changeling is warned about before spending much time in North Haven.

The Center

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