Wow, that's a lot of NPCs

August 5, 2009

The motley was invited to give their oaths to the Freehold at the Midsummer celebration. It was really more of a ‘Give your oaths or get out of town’ sort of thing, but politely worded.

Emily and Trinket picked the motley up and took them to the campgrounds, passing through an incredibly strong ‘go away’ ward when they got close. Despite the rainy and cloudy day outside the wards, inside was bright, sunny, and a bit hot.

Once there, Emily abandoned them to the mercies of the large group of other NPCs, who descended on them in droves.

First off was Grace, making sure they were still swearing to the Freehold and inviting them to join in any of the competitions going on.

Next was Topaz, flirting with everyone in sight. She mainly wanted to speak to Charlotte about the job in the bar – Topaz is a waitress/bartender there.

Jacob approached them then, to give them the spiel about all the Courts in general, but Spring Court in specific. He hit on Charlotte until he learned she was only five years old, at which point he was a bit weirded out and left.

In the meantime, Surat walked over and spoke to Dusk, getting an invite to his bookstore to browse the more protected books. He also got some information about the sixth person swearing to the Freehold this event – a man named Mark Greene, who was actually taken by some sort of pouka, not one of the main two Keepers.

Jonas wandered up then, with Averna helping him keep on track. Even more vague and distracted than usual, he spoke to them a bit about the Autumn Court, likely leaving a poor impression.

Bored, Johnny walked away and ended up in a brawling competition. He possibly upset his opponent when he didn’t bother finish the handshake before headbutting him and eventually knocking him down and nearly out.

At this point, Lady Sonja spoke to him, then each of the others, sounding them out about joining Winter Court. Surat in particular took some interest in the Lady, though not in the court itself. Surprisingly, Sour Gherkin got on quite well with Lady Sonja.

Charlotte got on quite well with Nameless, the cutest dog in the world.

Finally, it was time to swear to the Freehold. After speaking the pledge, they were officially members of the North Haven Freehold.

A bit after that, Charlotte participated in an irregular weapons competition against a girl named Casey, who used a war fan as her weapon. Charlotte handily beat her.

The motley mingled a bit more, eating some of the abundant food, then left. They had no issues with the wards on the way out, as they’re now members of the Freehold.



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