The Hedgewalkers, led by Emily, are in charge of guarding the Hedge from anything that might threaten those that travel on the largest trods.

There are three main trods that are patrolled – the first leads to the typical location of the Goblin Market when it’s in town, the second leads toward Chicago (this is only patrolled part-way), and the third leads deep in to the Hedge – but along the way, the majority of changelings have their Hollow.

These three trods stay stable the majority of the time, rarely changing. It’s thought by most of the Freehold that it’s because of the regular patrols.

The Hedgewalkers also map what they can of the Hedge. Emily has a filing cabinet filled with various versions of the main trods and the biggest crosspaths and how they’ve changed through the four years she’s been part of the Freehold.

Because it’s hard to determine what might happen in the Hedge, Hedgewalkers always work in pairs, and at least one of the pair must be able to fight in an emergency.


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